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For those who can acknowledge and enjoy design and fine art, River North is located just across the bridge from The Loop, along with bordering The Magnificent Mile. This polished community is home to former warehouses, and factories which soon became work places for young professionals, including entrepreneurs and artists. Considered to be the core of Chicago’s entertainment and creativity, many galleries, show rooms, and even antique shops, call River North home. Flaunting buildings designed by, Mies van der Rohe, the architecture is nothing short of breathtaking. Serenity during the day shifts into a lively nightlife experience for its residents. From renowned Steakhouses, to quality Pizzerias, the varied award winning restaurants this community has to offer, will just about cover every inch of cuisine you have a taste for. Containing some great after dark choices, you can find its visitors and residents at the scattered, cocktail lounges, bars, and upscale nightclubs.  River North is one of the best hotspots for art, and social gatherings in Chicago.


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