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Located just outside of Downtown Chicago, Wicker Park is considered to be on of many creative focal points in the city. Known for its exciting nightlife and recognizable live music, as well as numerous art galleries, and restaurants that are to die for, Wicker Park has just about everything for someone who’s looking to live life exploring new ideas and concepts. Covering everything from coffee or creative cocktails and brews, to thrifting or antique shops and boutiques, this is a top pick for an exciting day out. For the trendy audience, Wicker Park has a multitude of well known fashion, as well as major retail chains, enough to please both ends of the spectrum. Barring numerous similarities to Bucktown, Wicker Park is a viable option to any trendy professional or adventurous visitor. Its creative menus and unique cocktails will reel you in and make you fall in love with this neighborhood. 


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