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You always want your home to be sold through the brokerage that will ultimately give it the most exposure. After all, you can’t sell a home that not many people are getting the opportunity to see. 


Asking Price:  With the help of your agent, you can determine the best asking price for your home, compared to similar homes on the market. Based on similar properties, you want to list your home at around the median price, not too high, and certainly not too low. Overpriced homes typically don’t sell, for the simple fact that buyers know they can find a similar home for a lower price.  Location: Location is one of the key selling factors of your home. How is the school system in your area? Is there a good selection of entertainment options? Parks? What about restaurants and nightlife? All of these things should be detailed in your listing to attract more buyers.  What type of market are you dealing with?: With things such as, community trends, interest rates, and even the overall economy can and will affect your price. It’s crucial for you to know and understand what type of market you’re dealing with, and realize your properties value with fluctuate accordingly.  Similar Listings: In a market saturated with homes that have similar amenities, finishes and location, price is usually the key selling factor. Even though it might not have much similar competition,  Having a home with a unique and “different” floor plan, more often than not lose the sale because those features are usually marketed towards a smaller niche.   CONDITION YOUR HOME The condition of your home might be the biggest factor in your asking price. Newer appliances, color, interior decorating, and solid structure are some of the things buyers look for most. A house that looks more up-kept usually sells faster than other homes on a similar market and appeal to a larger group of buyers.
TOTAL FOCUS ON CHICAGO-AREA REAL ESTATE Our real estate agents possess comprehensive knowledge of Chicago markets, neighborhoods, suburbs, sales trends, appropriate price points, and potential buyers. “ALWAYS AVAILABLE” SERVICE FROM YOUR LISTING AGENT Buyers can contact your agent 24/7 via cell phone and email. Questions are answered and showings booked promptly, and all appointments will be confirmed and attended. MID-SIZED, FULL-SERVICE INDUSTRY LEADER Big enough to offer comprehensive resources and expertise, yet small enough to give you personal attention and develop the individual marketability of your property’s unique selling strengths. BEST TRAINING IN THE BUSINESS Yub Realty agents are among the most qualified real estate agents in Chicago. Our full-time accredited training staff provides three tiers of continued education courses, plus our agents attend regular industry seminars and exclusive company workshops with industry experts.
EXPERT NEGOTIATORS GET THE MOST PROFITABLE SALES FOR YOUR HOME Dream Town clients receive offers 6.3% above Chicago’s average list-to-sale price ratio. TEAMWORK APPROACH Our agents work together, pool resources and share connections to provide you with the best service and an unrivaled system for marketing homes and producing sales. TOP PRODUCERS IN THE FIELD Our agents are recognized for their outstanding sales records and are well represented in the top 10% of agents by the Chicago Association of Realtors, receiving several Awards for Top Producers.


When you decide to sell your home, you want to show prospective buyers its possibilities and make them imagine themselves as the new owners. Never underestimate the power of staging. Yub Realty agents have experience and resources to make your home look its best in both showings and marketing photographs, which will allow you to command more offers and higher bids.


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Nearly 9 out of every 10 home buyers begin their search online. Since Yub Realty was founded, we have succeeded to stay ahead of the curve in our ability to market homes on the web and connect sellers with motivated online buyers. When you list with Yub Realty, you put your home in front of thousands of buyers daily, and you also receive the benefit of our team-based approach, in which agents share information and resources to help all of our clients get the best deals possible.

Your agent will guide you through every step of the process, providing you with a competitive market analysis (CMA), hosting open houses, working closely with the marketing agency on your materials, fielding purchase offers, reviewing contingencies, and monitoring every detail leading up to the final closing.


Yub Realty clients also have the advantage of our in-house marketing agency, who provide you and your agent with several options to help sell your home, including:

  • Professional photography
  • Print advertising
  • Expertly designed brochures and signage
  • Maximum exposure through Northern Illinois’ Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database
  • Premium placement on our top-ranked website

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Once you and your real estate agent have found an interested buyer, it’s time to close the deal. The process of negotiating your home sale can involve several different actions and people, and it can take time to resolve the factors in play.

The buyer’s agent will come to your agent with an offer, which will include price, closing date, and other conditions. You and your agent will discuss the offer, and either accept it or reply with a counter-offer. This conversation may go back and forth a number of times, and your personal circumstances or desires will dictate whether or not you choose to be patient or to walk away from the table. Yub Realty agents are skilled at the art of negotiation, and will work hard to get you the best value for your property.

After you agree on a price, the closing will be contingent upon attorney review of the sales contract, as well as inspections of the property. Depending on these reviews, the terms of the agreement may be renegotiated yet again.

If everything in the process so far has resolved, you’re ready to close the sale! Your respective agents and attorneys will continue to guide you both through the final steps, including transfer of money and deed.

Selling your home is a major life decision. When you choose to work with Yub Realty, we commit to making your experience as stress-free as possible and achieving the most satisfactory outcome for you. We’re so confident that you’ll be impressed by our service that we offer an Unconditional Service Excellence Guarantee—if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you $1000, no questions asked.

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